Montreal’s Golden Square Mile

A Neighborhood

The Deluxe Hard-Cover Edition

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MONTREAL’S GOLDEN SQUARE MILE – A NEIGHBORHOOD details a magical period in the history of Montreal, Quebec and Canada. From the 1860’s to the 1930’s Montreal’s Merchant Princes built their grand estates at the foot of Mount Royal overlooking the city. From this unique neighborhood these residents presided over a social, commercial and industrial renaissance that joined a nation from coast to coast. The collective contribution of these families to the establishment and development of Canada is nothing less than remarkable. MONTREAL’S GOLDEN SQUARE MILE – A NEIGHBORHOOD highlights Montreal’s social and corporate heritage as one of the most significant contributions in the history of Canada’s development.


A Literary and Photographic Retrospective

Elaborating on the individual and family contributions to the building of a nation – this volume features more than 600 historical images including over 350 images by Canadian photographic pioneer William Notman, the largest print publication of his work to date.
Following are some sample pages:


Sir William Cornelius Van Horne William Notman Captain Percival Molson St. James Street Bank of Montreal Presidents Matthew Hamilton Gault Sun Life Morgan Family Canadian Pacific Ocean Services Angus Album Molson Family The Last Spike The Windsor Hotel

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